Reviews on Real Satisfied

8/23/2023 -
Shannon J. Swan Point, MD
Mark made me feel comfortable from the beginning about the sale of my family home of 20 years. He was very knowledgeable and sincere and he made the process easy and smooth. I would definitely recommend Marc and will always use him as my realtor.

7/31/2023 -
Steve S., Alexandria
Marc Cormier patiently accommodated our timeline, and when it was time to press forward with the sale, he moved FAST. From arranging for renovations, cleaning and staging to advertisement, open house and paperwork, he streamlined everything and made it frictionless for us (the sellers). I highly recommend working with him!

4/17/2023 -
Maria Hamburger, Takoma Park MD
I recently had the pleasure of working with Marc Cormier as the listing agent for our family estate, and I must say he was simply wonderful. As the estate's Personal Representative, I had a lot on my plate, but Marc made the process as smooth and painless as possible. Marc came in and first helped secure the property and had it winterized. He then coordinated with the contractors to clean out the very cluttered house, had the property painted, and flooring and appliances done. He gave us a realistic pricing strategy and negotiated the sale while keeping us informed every step of the way. Marc's patience and kindness were truly appreciated during this emotional time. He was always available to answer any questions we had and was respectful of our wishes. His professionalism and attention to detail were truly impressive, and he went above and beyond to ensure that everything was handled. I could not have been happier with the service of Marc and his team. They were all pleasant, respectful, and efficient. He did everything he said he would and more, and he communicated well with all parties involved, including our attorney. I highly recommend Marc Cormier and his team to anyone looking to with a true Probate Professional. Thank you, Marc, for making this process so much easier for us!

4/15/2023 -
Franklin Richards
Marc Cormier was awesome to deal with on this home purchase. He had a backup property ready to go if our offer was not accepted. He made the transaction painless by not only seeing that the logistics of buying a home went smoothly, but also worked with the inspector and then personally reviewed with me details of the findings. We have some special needs to make the home ready for move in and he was on top of those issues as well. I loved the whole experience. Very professional and was so helpful with needs before and after the sale.

4/3/2023 -
John K, Rockville, MD
Marc and his wife Tania we're a pleasure to deal with. They made a pretty heavy lift a bit lighter, so I'm appreciative of the work they did for us.

8/23/2022 -
Sherri, Bethesda, MD
Marc was great at assisting me in identifying a range of properties to consider, including tear downs and move-in ready with ability to expand. He provided guidance on my options and helped me to find the place just right for me. Marc was very flexible with his availability to look at homes but also to answer questions. Whenever I needed him he was available and always let me know if he would be out of touch. Marc was the right person for me and helped me find what I needed at the right time.

8/15/2022 -
Kaarmin F. Rockville, MD
Marc Cormier should be your real estate agent. Full stop. We have used him in both the buying and selling process. I can't recommend him enough. He will take time to explain things you may not understand about the home buying/selling process and will ALWAYS go to bat for his clients, ensuring they receive the best possible contract.

7/21/2022 -
Chris Crecelius
Marc Cormier is very personable and knowledgeable and takes care of all the details for you. He is straight forward and provides realistic advice you can trust during your real estate transaction. I highly recommend Marc and his team.

5/15/2022 -
Eric B., Washington, DC
Marc Cormier's performance throughout the process was excellent. He was energetic and focused, and always conducted himself in a professional manner. Several things stood out: his creative approach to marketing an undeveloped lot adjoining the main parcel as a separate property; his rapid formulation of an effective overall marketing plan; and his astute evaluation of the several offers that were obtained. Marc's depth of experience and commitment to achieving a successful result were clear.

3/13/2022 -
Sarah Schellpfeffer, Washington, DC
Marc Cormier exceeded our every expectation of a real estate transaction and experience. We had an aggressive (immediate!) relocation timeline and a unique mix of requirements and preferences for our budget. He enabled us to have all of it and more - meeting requirements we hadn't even explicitly articulated - and did it with grace, efficiency, clarity and the utmost expertise and professionalism. We deferred to his insight in the pricing and terms strategy of our offer, which facilitated a rapid acceptance and closing. Our overall experience could not have been more positive. Through his deep and extensive local knowledge of the local areas and communities, Marc made what could have been the most chaotic and uncertain of [relocation] experiences, especially in this very competitive market, in an already chaotic time, into one of simplicity, certainty and excitement. This was only possible through his patient, expert navigation of our needs and wants as well as the details and logistics of the transaction process, amid our schedules largely outside of the DMV area as it all happened. He and the team have our highest recommendation.

12/22/2021 -
Michelle Pergolini, Bethesda, MD
Marc showed up at our home days after my father passed away with compassion and sympathy. He brought dinner for my grieving family and discussed how he could be of assistance to us. The very next day, he showed up, walked the property and made suggestions on how we could update the property to make it more appealing. From that moment on, Marc treated our home of 40 years as if it was his own home. He was there so much he practically became a resident. He hired carpenters, painters, plumbers, rug contractors and landscapers to come in and maximize the price of the property while minimizing the amount we were spending to get it ready for sale. He has an immense list of contacts that obviously have the same respect and admiration for him as we do because clearly they worked quickly and efficiently to make the house sparkle. The week the property was set to go live, we had a flood issue late at night which he responded to immediately and had someone in to replace the sump pump within 12 hours (I'm sure it would have been even quicker if it had not happened at 7pm). He borrowed a blower and showed up to the house on several occasions to blow leaves that had fallen, it was a never ending task given we were selling in the fall. I cannot say enough about Marc Cormier and the tremendous job he did. He made everything look seamless. He devoted his time to us and made us feel as if we were his only clients. His knowledge and expertise is second to none. I can't imagine how this experience would have gone without Marc. We vacated the property 6 weeks prior to the listing going live and moved to GA. Marc took on the entire 10 bedroom, 8 bathroom house himself. What I anticipated as an absolute nightmare became such a great experience. I wish he lived in GA so I could continue to send referrals out to all my friends and neighbors here. I know I will never find another realtor as thorough, trustworthy and diligent as Marc Cormier! We spent so much time communicating that I consider him a new friend!

11/27/2021 -
Yumi Sera
Marc Cormier came highly recommended from a friend as someone who is focused on the client and is knowledgeable about the complex market. I highly recommend Marc. Marc just knew what he was doing. He provided an analysis based on the market, was very fast to clean up, fix, and stage the house, kept us informed at least once a day, and supported our decisions with relevant and timely information. From move out of our tenants to sale of the house was less than two weeks with no problems. We are busy professionals and live far from our house for sale so we required a person we could trust to represent our interests. In addition, he was super responsive to our many questions even late evenings and during his vacation. If I were to use one word to describe Marc, it would be trustworthy because when you are too busy or too far from your house for sale or don’t know the market, you need someone who you can trust to represent your needs and opportunities.

9/23/2021 -
Heydi and Shunsuke Baba - Rockville, MD
We met Marc Cormier at an open house in July 2020. We had been working with another agent at that time. After the open house, Marc followed up with us and through our conversation we discovered we hay he and his wife were long-time friends / neighbors with the bishop from our church. I spoke with our bishop and his wife and they gave us a glowing recommendation for Marc Cormier and his wife, Tania Ivey. Then, my husband and I had to put our house hunting on hold for a few months. We informed our previous agent and we never heard from him again. In the meantime, after we told Marc, he followed up with us again in September and around the holidays. So when we were ready to resume our search, we felt comfortable working with Marc. Marc advised us at every step of the way. During scheduled visits to homes, he would point out things about each home for our consideration and provide approximate estimates to repair/ renovate. This was extremely helpful as it allowed us to make informed decisions prior to submitting offers. Marc was professional, punctual, knowledgeable, charismatic and approachable. We were always able to reach him whether it was via email, texts, or phone calls. He FaceTimed us after the first time we put an offer (and the seller chose another offer). He provided encouraging words while delivering the disappointing news. His personal touch helped us continue our search with a positive attitude. We are grateful that Marc Cormier was part of our home buying journey.

7/30/2021 -
Yvonne Curry - Maryland
Marc was responsible for the sale of my father's house through my brother. He did a great job He exceeded my expectations. Kept us informed at all times. Always available for questions - even the mundane ones.

5/26/2021 -
Joseph Bellinger Baltimore MD
Marc Cormier gets residential properties sold. He has sold other properties for me as bankruptcy trustee and in cases where I represent other trustees in bankruptcy. Marc understands the difficult dynamics of bankruptcy sale transactions. In this transaction we were dealing with buyers who were very difficult to communicate and negotiate with. We followed Marc's lead, he navigated the issues, and he got the sale to closing. I note that this sale was not a particularly lucrative commission, but he worked on this sale as hard, if not harder, than prior listings he has handled for me that involved much more lucrative commissions. That consistency of effort is critical. Marc is a consummate professional who gets properties sold.

5/16/2021 -
Randal Leonard (Laurel)
We hired Marc to sell my parent's home upon their passing. Before choosing a real estate agent, I conducted research to see who would be the best choice based on the investment they make into selling the property (time and effort, not necessarily financially) and how they promote their listings. His knowledge of the probate process and passion for his work convinced us to hire him. My family is extremely satisfied with Marc’s service. He was able to generate numerous offers and in such a way that when the first offer we accepted fell apart we had another even higher offer to replace it the same day. Marc constantly visited the property and followed up on all inspection items. From his initial meeting and recommendation to the final repairs he watched every penny. His advice was on point. As a Accountant myself I can appreciate his attention to detail. I would recommend Marc and his team to anyone going through the probate process, he knows his stuff. The probate process is difficult but Marc coordinated the whole selling process making it so convenient for my family, from the preparation for selling to the closing Marc was always available to discuss any concerns

5/13/2021 -
Kathy Padilla, Silver Spring, MD
This is the third house my husband and I have sold, and we had no idea the process could be so easy. Marc Cormier walked us through the process and took charge of all aspects of preparing and selling the home, including repairs and landscaping. He was careful to do enough to get a top-dollar price for the property without spending too much. He was so thorough that we didn't once have to go to the home to do anything. We never met Marc personally; all of our correspondence with him was done via Zoom, email, and phone calls. He was friendly, forthright, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the local real estate market. He was able to get us a great price on our investment property, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone selling property in the D.C. metro area.

5/12/2021 -
Garry Stanberry, Oakton, Virginia
Remarkably, we didn't meet MARC until the actual closing. We had endless questions and MARC provided detailed responses. He raised our comfort level. MARC is honest and professional. He doesn't sugarcoat anything. I really appreciate his directness. It's refreshing. MARC focused on keeping costs down. He said "It isn't the gross, it's the net." He's right. Going above and beyond, MARC pointed out the opportunity to do a 1031 Delaware Trust to minimize taxes and squeeze every bit of profit out of my property. I have now purchased Delaware Strategic Trust properties with the proceeds of the sale. I am now making significantly more money each month than when we were renting this house out. MORE MONEY EACH MONTH AND I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH TENANTS!!!!! MARC's explanation of the offers and the risks associated with each was imperative in the determination of which offer to accept. His many years of experience paid off well for us. MARC anticipated and planned every step of the preparation and selling process. It was a huge relief knowing that he was on my side throughout the process. MARC communicated throughout the process. He answered every question fully and clearly. One of his emails was timed at 3:06 a.m. When does he sleep? I'm 71 years old and have sold many houses over the years. This was easily my best experience and all the credit goes to MARC!!!!!

5/12/2021 -
Cindy Amdur and Fred Clark
We highly recommend Marc and would gladly talk to anyone interested, who would like a first hand account of our experience. We have dealt with many real estate agents over the years and have moved many times. Marc and his wife are the BEST! They are very professional, personable, and both go out of their way to accommodate you, explain the process, keep you updated and well informed so you can make informed decisions, and always keep your best interests in mind. Even when there was a problem or concern, Marc addressed it and worked tirelessly to rectify it to the best of his ability. We have nothing but glowing things to say about our experience. Marc went way far out of his way for us and we are very thankful to have not only gotten to know him, but have chose him to sell our home. We ended up not only getting more than we originally asked for, but we felt good about the sale and the process. So THANK YOU...THANK YOU!

5/11/2021 -
Darryl S., Maryland
I couldn't be happier with how we were treated and worked with by Marc. Marc was extremely responsive and very proactive in communicating with me. From the first meeting throughout the sale of our house, he was always available. I honestly can't think of anything that Marc could have done differently or better for me. His suggestions for updating my house were terrific. He was always focused on the bottom line. I will and have recommended Marc to others.

2/18/2021 -
Franklyn Malone, Washington, DC
My family and I were impressed by Marc Cormier's professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of the neighborhood, and pleasant personality. I appreciated and trusted his judgement on just doing minimal renovations where other realtors wanted major renovations done and he was absolutely right! Location ruled! Marc also suggested a fair listing price where other realtors suggested lower listings. He took care of my needs since I am 96yrs old and can't get around much on my own. He gave good tips and reminders to me and the family about what needed to be done, throughout the whole process. He is an excellent agent and I, and my family, highly recommend him! l

2/17/2021 -
Barbara and Michael Ellis, Arlington, VA
I highly recommend Epi. She was professional from day one. We were also in a unique position whereby we had to sell our house remotely, and to say Epi and the team went above and beyond, is an understatement. She handled everything for us, addressed and filtered any concerns or issues, and probably most importantly, sold our house in record time during the holiday season. Friendly, professional and experienced, she was an excellent agent.

1/20/2021 -
Janice, Potomac, MD
Marc is an outstanding listing agent. He sets the right price, does a superb job of marketing and then does an outstanding job of closing the deal. I highly recommend him. He’s the best of the best.

1/16/2021 -
Maisie Lynch, Laurel Md
Marc Cormier made everything as smooth and easy as possible. He handled all aspects from repairs, prepping the house, staging, and the closing, I barely had to lift a finger. He was super knowledgeable about the sales process. I knew I was in good hands. Marc was truly the best realtor I have ever dealt with. Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone selling a property. I also dealt with Tania Ivey who was equally amazing. As a team, they have every aspect of real estate covered. Tania did a spectacular job staging our house. I have no doubt that was the reason it sold so quickly. If you are looking for someone you can trust who will make your transaction super easy, there is no better choice. Not only did my house sell in two days, but, Marc negotiated for $20K more than our asking price. I could not believe it!

1/11/2021 -
Bruce and Detra Potomac, MD
100% satisfied!! If we could make the rating higher, we would. From the beginning, Marc helped us understand the market and what we could expect. He was there throughout the sale process. He was always checking in to see if we had done our part of the sales paperwork and to see if there was anything that he could do for us. He notified us of the progess of the sale to the detail. We were always confident that the sale was going to be a model for "how to close" the right way for the rest of the universe. He was amazing. Tania was right there to help us, as well, with so many details and answers to questions. My husband's "go to" comment along the way was to "call Tania." Thank goodness for these two lovely individuals who held our hands and guided us perfectly through the stages of selling as well as being our personal advisors before, during and after. They loved us, advised us, and became our forever friends. We are so grateful to them for everything that they did. A truly winning team!

1/9/2021 -
Janice Feldman, Potomac
Marc is the best of the best! A world class broker! I highly recommend him!

9/13/2020 -
Isaiah & Van M., Silver Spring, MD
I came across Mr. Cormier while looking at a house that my wife and I really liked on Zillow. I did some research on him and some of the other real estate agents I came across while house hunting, but decided to go contact him based on the research I did. He has many credentials and read that he is in the top 1% of real estate agents in America. There were many glowing ratings/reviews about him as a real estate agent that gave me confidence that he would be the right agent for us. My wife and I had worked with two other agents as we had been looking at places over the past two years, but hadn't been fortunate enough to complete the process due to unforeseen circumstances with my wife being an active-duty servicemember. They were good agents, but Mr. Marc, by far, in leaps and bounds, blows them out of the water as far as skills, knowledge, and effectiveness. No joke, Mr. Marc is the BEST negotiator I've met in my life, no doubt a big part of it is due to his knowledge of the closing process. Mr. Marc knew exactly when, and which angles of approach to take to negotiate us the best possible price for our home Mr. Marc is a hard worker. I remember opening/receiving emails much sent way past midnight. I believe this showed my wife and I how hard of a worker and how dedicated he was to his work and his customers. If we ever had any questions, he either had the answers or found us the answer to the inquiry very quickly. I would trust Mr. Marc with my bank account. He was always honest and forthcoming with the whole process even if doing so would have hurt his bottom line. Mr. Marc never made us feel as if we had any dumb questions or concerns and was always very friendly. I was surprised to have learned so much about the VA process and its strengths and weaknesses that were never brought up or made aware of with the other real estate agents that we worked with. If my wife and I were ever to do real estate in the tri-state area again, Mr. Marc would be the only agent we would work with.

9/2/2020 -
Ellie Roberts, Frederick
We were first time home buyers, so having someone who understood and could empathize with how stressful and confusing that process would be was critical. In Mid-July, we attended an open house just for fun and out of curiosity, which is where we met our agent, Marc Cormier. When interacting with other realtors, I always ended up feeling very pressured and it made me uncomfortable. One of the reasons we knew we had to work with Marc was because he took the time to get to know us a bit. He reached out to let us know he was available if we ever wanted to contact him and offered some critical advice during our first few meetings. Our initial conversations were focused on learning about the market and the area (we recently moved from Florida), and gaining knowledge of the home buying process, not looking at an actual home. When we went to our first house with Marc, we felt extremely comfortable, well-informed, and like buying a home was something that we would be capable of. Before we met Marc, we had put it off, convinced that we were not ready. We selected Marc, and would work with him again and again, because we fully trusted him. Our conversations allowed us to truly appreciate him and his expertise. Marc’s primary concern was with our happiness and that we found the right property for us. When we visited other homes, he asked us questions at each site and discussed things that we should consider. As first time home buyers, he brought up so many points that we would have never considered. After putting in an offer on the house, we were anxious to see it once more before we accepted a counter offer. This was not convenient for Marc, but he understood my personality (type A and overly anxious) and that seeing the home once more is what I needed to do. Marc was just as fantastic through the inspection process, another stage that we did not understand well. I also felt like Marc was constantly thinking about our needs throughout the negotiation process before and after the inspection. Throughout the contingent phase, I was a bundle of nerves wondering what hiccups could arise. Marc was so supportive and always willing to talk to me about my concerns, to answer questions and share examples that helped me build my understanding. If Marc didn't have an answer, he sought it out. Marc was also ALWAYS available which allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in the process. Marc clearly had significant knowledge of the DC MD VA area which was key. We actually learned a ton from him about where we bought and other areas that we considered. For contracts and closing, Marc was willing to discuss anything that confused me. Marc was also able to turn contracts and addendums around fast and the expediency of his work also contributed to our comfort level. Marc is kind, confident, and clearly dedicated. He has a keen attention to detail that is absolutely necessary in his line of work. He has a strong work ethic, going above and beyond to ensure the happiness and success of his clients. Marc was able to negotiate a price that fit perfectly within our budget. He fought for our needs and desires as if they were his own. Marc is an exceptional agent. Most importantly, Marc was personable.....In life, each time I have to make a major decision or go through an important or expensive process, I look to my parents, the people I trust most. Working with Marc made me feel as comfortable as I would speaking with my own parents or family, yet he was simultaneously, completely professional. We felt so understood and well represented while working with Marc. We felt like we could confide in him and have nothing but appreciation and gratitude for him. Buying this home has changed our life and we owe that to Marc!

9/1/2020 -
Larry Cohen, San Diego, CA
Marc Was Professional, knowledgeable and took care of my needs every step of the way. IF anyone I know ever needs an agent in DC I will personally recommend him time and time again. The seller in our situation was not disciplined about getting our deal closed and Marc keep them and their agent on track. Every time we evaluated a property Marc presented the Pros and Cons and really helped me understand what the impact of making a purchasing decision in a given neighborhood would be. If you are looking for an agent who take the time to understand your approach, your goals and desires when purchasing a home, and is a professional you can trust the entire way, Marc Cormier is the professional who will help you accomplish your mission.

8/10/2020 -
Edward Crawford, Rockville, MD
Marc and Tania provided top-notch professional service while selling our home. I had put off selling my house because of the amount of work it needed, but they handled everything during the month it took to prepare my property. Following their suggestions to increase the sales price, we renovated bathrooms, installed new hardwood flooring, installed new central AC, new appliances, etc. It was a relief to not worry about managing the work as it was being done. Because they oversaw everything, I was confident the work was getting done and I didn't have to stress about it. They made sure the quality of the contractor's work was acceptable and ensured that we stuck to the budget I had given them. They worked hard so I didn't have to, and were more than willing to spend time answering my questions and keeping me updated on the status of my house. I took a leap of faith, and I'm glad I did! Their knowledge, expertise, and support were invaluable. Before working with them, I didn't realize the importance of staging and wasn't planning on staging my home. But after working with them and seeing how effective it really is, I would never sell an unstaged house! Our home sold in 3 days with 18 competing offers! I am confident that it was because Marc and Tania have the expertise and the know-how to make sure that a home sells for top dollar. As a Certified Public Accountant, numbers mean everything to me. The Return on my investment (ROI) was even higher than I hoped it would be. Marc and Tania were a pleasure to work with!

7/15/2020 -
Tamara Lazarev Potomac, MD
Marc is a true professional. We've done many sales and purchases of homes over the years and Marc was by far the best agent we've had the pleasure of working with. Marc doesn't get a listing and then hand you over to his "team." He was personally invested in our transaction from beginning to end. Because of Marc's years of experience he knew how to get top dollar for our home as well as how to avoid any unnecessary expenses. He's straightforward, knowledgeable, easy to contact and work with, answers all questions clearly, and honest. We were extremely pleased that our home sold in one day over asking price. We highly recommend Marc to anyone looking to sell their home.

6/19/2020 -
Greg and Macedonia Dundas, Rockville, MD
We were extremely impressed with Marc Cormier and his business partner, Tania Ivey from our very first exploratory meeting. When we first invited them to our house to discuss the possibility of selling (they were very accommodating with their schedule and came to our house on New Years Day!), we were expecting a fairly low-key, general discussion of what would be involved. Instead, Marc came highly prepared with a booklet of all recent comparable sales and had clearly done a fair amount of homework already, and he explained in impressive detail what would be his strategy in approaching the sale of our house. Because of their positive attitude, professionalism, and thoroughness from the very beginning, we decided to proceed with them instead of consulting any other agents. We were not disappointed. Although the preparation and sale of a house can be trying at times, Marc and Tania smoothed the path and made it easier than it might have otherwise been. Even after the rise of the Covid-19 virus, when we thought we might have to delay our plans, they charged full speed ahead and got us well prepared for listing. As it turned out, we were on the market for only 3-4 days and received several offers above the asking price. Although once or twice we were a bit hesitant about their strategies, we decided to rely on their extensive experience and record of success and followed their advice. They clearly knew what they were doing, and the speed with which our house sold is a clear testimony to their knowledge and skill. All in all, everything went incredibly smoothly and quickly, and the outcome was better than we expected. What more could we have asked for?

10/3/2019 -
Carmen Calhoun, Washington, DC
Marc is funny, sarcastic, knowledgeable, accurate and AHHHMAAAZING!!! I don't have enough words to describe Marc. He was patient with me and he really did look out for me as a buyer.

10/3/2019 -
Jeffrey Krasney - Bethesda, MD
I had both the fortuitous and fortunate experience to work with Marc Cormier, as I sold my townhouse. Marc acted as a professional, and displayed professionalism, at all times. Among the positive attributes was the "Team Approach" - that is, Marc and his wife, Tania. I leaned on both Marc and Tania, prior to, during and after the sale of the townhouse. Both Marc and Tania offered guidance, thoughtful advice and tremendous insights to the overall process - culminating into a positive experience. Each taught me valuable lessons and shared with me, positive approaches. Finally, Marc not only was available for questions and queries, but also responded to my individual issues and concerns, in a timely and an exceptional manner.

8/23/2019 -
Jenn Nicholls, Silver Spring
Marc and team were helpful and encouraging throughout the whole process. His knowledge of the area and ability to close deals helped us sale our home quickly so we could easily get into our new home!

8/3/2019 -
Sharon Usedom, Silver Spring, Maryland and Reno Nevada
I had an amazing experience with Mark and Tania Ivey. They are a wonderful team. I was so well informed all along the way, even though I was an out of state buyer living 3000 miles away, They walked me through all the State of Maryland requirements and made it all so easy. Many thanks to them both. What quality members of the real estate industry!!!

7/17/2019 -
Clint Schofield, Ashburn, VA
Epi Newcomb (Marc) went beyond reasonable measures to ensure my family was taken care of. After one deal fell through, Epi went out of her way to get exclusive viewings out of cycle to accommodate our family situation (being homeless). She has a vast knowledge of our military lifestyle and unique military requirements. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, she was the most incredible, proactive, and determined agent I have ever met. 10 out of 10 stars!!!!

4/2/2019 -
Preston F., Bethesda
I have known Marc Cormier for a long time, and he has assisted several friends with the sale of their homes. Marc knows the real estate business well and has a specialized knowledge of the local real estate market, which was essential in helping us in the sale of our home. Despite having to sell our home in a challenging season, Marc was patient, helpful and came up with multiple marketing strategies to get the word out. My wife and I highly recommend his efficient approach and we would definitely use his services again.

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